We are aware that the best method to maintain your responsibility and safety in your house or place of employment is to manage your electrical demands pro-actively.
It is essential that you keep up with the most recent electrical regulations and requirements if you are a landlord or an employer.

Simply let us know what kind of work you need done and our electricians will give you a free quote to get the process started. We're here to help you stay powered.
We work throughout Victoria.

Our team of certified and proficient electricians pays close attention to every detail of a project using experience-derived attention to detail. We also take into account the sophisticated technical installations that are frequently used while building or renovating clinics.

● Treatment rooms
● Dental offices
● Medical clinics
● Hospitals Doctor
● Staff Offices


Arguments in favor of Electrx

● You can rely on us to uphold high standards because we are an electrician in Melbourne who is fully licensed and insured.
● High-quality and reasonably priced electrical services are what you can anticipate, whether you need them for the installation, upkeep, or repair of a variety of electrical systems and equipment.
● Quick and Dependable - You can rely on us to respond to your needs as soon as we can, providing the most dependable, tidy, accurate, and detail-oriented services.
● You can rely on our team of electricians in Melbourne to be made up of experts that uphold the highest moral standards. - Honest and Reliable - Therefore, you can count on us to always be sincere, grateful, and polite.
● You can depend on us to deliver the greatest service quality and client satisfaction without any ifs or buts. - Guaranteed peace of mind and satisfaction



A business property needs repairs or inspections on a regular basis. A pricey repair expense that could have been easily avoided may be incurred if routine inspections and maintenance are neglected for an extended period of time.

One-time fixes are simple to do, but maintaining a commercial building, such as a hospital or restaurant, on a regular basis is crucial for continuity.
When you hire electricians from Electrx, you can rest easy knowing that the same group will always be there for you when you need them, preventing expensive shutdowns that could have been avoided.


Working with Electrx's top electrical experts will always be a hassle-free experience thanks to our affordable costs, amiable service, and emphasis on safety.

Therefore, when it comes to residential electrical work in Melbourne, we have one of the top teams. This is true regardless of whether you require electrical renovations, installations, repairs, maintenance, or emergency services for the interior or exterior of your home.

Contact our helpful team right now to arrange a quote and have us assist you with any electrical installations or improvements to your property.


Since lighting is crucial to how a space makes us feel, we can provide advice on choosing the best wiring and lighting options for both indoor and outdoor locations.

In order to help you reduce your electricity usage, Electrx can also offer you advice on the most affordable and effective ways to light your home or place of business.

We offer a variety of lighting services, including:

● Kitchen lighting
● Bathroom lighting
● Chandeliers
● Pendant lights with
● LED downlights
● Outdoor Lighting
● Security Lights
We can assist you with home automation setups so you can manage your lights from a smartphone or hub.

Contact us right now to discuss your lighting needs with one of our qualified and skilled lighting electricians.


The most common security electrical installation we perform is number 7! It is virtually impossible to maintain a careful eye on your home or place of work constantly. You can have complete peace of mind by setting up a closed-circuit television (CCTV) network, which can handle everything for you.
Your house or place of business is monitored, recorded, and kept secure every day of the week.

Melbourne CCTV Installation

CCTV, usually referred to as a security monitor system, and security cameras are excellent tools for ensuring the safety of your structure or property.
With the help of numerous contemporary CCTV technologies, you may keep a close eye on your property even when you aren't there by viewing live stream recordings from your security cameras. More information regarding installing CCTV cameras can be found here.